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Xydo Profile: Xydo Facts

Xydo (시도) is a solo rapper and producer under GROOVL1N, which was created by VIXX’s Ravi. He has yet to make his debut and it’s unknown when he will.

 Xydo Fandom Name:
Xydo Official Colors: –

Stage Name: Xydo (시도)
Birth Name: Park Chi Woong (박치웅)
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: @xydo_
Soundcloud: xxxydo

Xydo Facts:
– He is from Seoul, South Korea.
– He collabed with lablemates, Ravi of VIXX and Cold Bay on the track ‘Fashionable (produced by GXXD.)‘.
– He’s is/was an underground R&B artist.
– He collaborated with Ravi (VIXX) on the song “HOODIE” from Ravi’s latest album.
– He thinks his name is hard to pronounced in English so he says so you can just call him C.W. Park.
– Behind his stage name: “First of all, to explain this, you need to know that TRY in English is “시도하다” in Korean. The pronunciation of “Shido(시도)“ here is similar to Xydo! I wanted to try something without preconceptions, so I named myself Xydo.”
– Music is his best friend. He says he can share it with each others in happy or sad times.
– He’s not sure exactly how long I’ve been pursuing music.
– Describing his music to people who haven’t heard it before: “I don’t want my music tied up in one place. So I don’t want to categorize it into any genre. Although, if I have to do this, I want to say R&B and Pop”.
– He likes the songs made in order to express himself.
– He wants to different than other artists, he says, “I just want to show you my own color!!”.
– He likes Jamie Foxx, Miguel, Nao  and the artist he wants to work with is Ruel.
– A song of his that he recommends: “I’d like to recommend one of my songs, Lee Sang (이상(理想)). The reason why I recommend this song is because everyone tries to do something they want. I think there were times when it felt like something was getting farther and farther away. I also wrote this song at that kind of time, and I think I’ve gotten over it to some extent”.
– A song he is proud of: “Among my songs, “Drawing” is the one I’m most proud of. Because there were many difficulties in making the song, but eventually, I overcame them. And it’s because I even finished Mix & Master”.
– When he feels down and feels like giving up he tells himself “Believe in myself.”
– A song he recommends is: “I like many genres rather than just one thing. From what I’ve listened to lately, I would like to recommend Remember Me by Umi”.
– How he feels having international fans: “It feels AWESOME! I just feel like my world is suddenly so wide that it brings a new perspective. Even if fans who really like me are far away from here, I really want to go there for them”.
– Hobbies: Watching movies (he likes SF movies), and sometimes he goes out to play basketball when the weather is good.
– Advice for people who want to pursue music: “I wanna say “finding yourself” is the most important thing. Because I’m still finding myself”.

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